Why Do We Study Religious and Moral Education

Right from our first breath till the time we reach our heavenly abode, all of us have been taught to believe in fundamentals of deep-rooted ancient religious cultures, traditions, customs, practices, moral values and ethics. But why should we feel the need to study?

Importance of Religious and Moral Education:

  • To know the prevalence of religions and morals since centuries: In this world, people from all walks of life follow different religious sentiments and its belief that varies from one person to another. Religions are of several forms such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.
  • Religious beliefs and morals have been passed on to generations: Such a theory has been taught by the elders of every home to the children so that we are aware of the existence of the mightiest heavenly power-The Almighty. Our elders have ensured the importance of running home by following religious specific traditions, festivals, customs, practices, and moral ethics to understand whom to worship, how to celebrate festivals and effective remedies to ward off the negative influence of evil.
  • Moral and Religious Education from home and educational institutions too: such type of education is not only restricted to the teachings from home as we grow up, but we get to understand the more detailed form of values from the time we enroll in schools and higher education institutions.
  • To differentiate between right, wrong, truth and lie: Moral and religious ethics help us to solve fundamental problems by knowing what is good for us, how to be truthful in every action we do and how to safeguard ourselves from lies, evil, bad habits with implication of right sense of judgment in our lives.
  • Social Skills: Moral education teaches us how to learn, respect, interact and adapt to ever-changing diversity in people, upbringing, religions, languages, socio-cultural and economic norms, technological and political environment.


  • Values to follow and preach: Both religious and moral values help us to gain knowledge about the universe, religious beliefs, traditions, conceptual subject insights, cultures, practices, code of ethics, rights, freedom to decide the type of quality education, profession, needs , wants, achievements and shape a good future for ourselves and society by adopting the method of follow and preach.
  • To be a better person at home and a responsible citizen in the community: The power of moral and religious education is so useful in building our personality that it helps us achieve our personal goals. Also assist in making contributions towards society through proper training, awareness and essential amenities it takes to develop the individuals, society and nations across the globe united as one with peace and harmony.

It is essential for us how we bring in flexibility towards our perception, thoughts, opinions, freedom of expression and decision making and adopt better practices in our daily lives as and when the situation demands us to showcase the best version of oneself from everything we learned as a child,  an adult and in old age.

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